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UN address position of rural women worldwide


Eleanor Davis
WVoN co-editor

The UN Commission on the Status of Women has started its two-week session, which is focusing on the empowerment of rural women who make-up one fourth of the world’s population and whose role in hunger eradication and sustainable development is crucial.

Charing the Commission, Marjon Kamara from Liberia said:

“These are exciting times in New York when women, ministers and experts on gender equality converge in New York to discuss issues pertaining to women.”

Focusing efforts on rural women will be a step towards reaching Millenium Development Goal number three: gender equality.

Although women constitute the majority of the food-producing rural workforce worldwide, they still made up 60 per cent of the chronically hungry in 2010.

Women’s involvement in decision making and economic ownership is key, as millions are living below the poverty line. Giving rural women a voice in decision making will promote new ways to address global crises such as climate change, development and poverty.

UN Women will look to work with civil society bodies to encourage women’s involvement in decision-making, said Michelle Bachelet, UN Women’s Executive Director:

“UN Women is in the process of establishing advisory councils with civil society at the national, regional and the global levels. Engagement with civil society is fundamental to progress and we look forward to very strong collaboration.

“Rural women are on the frontline of climate change. They are managers of natural resources. They are leaders. They know about peace and security. And none of us can afford to perpetuate the barriers facing rural women or to leave them out of decision-making.”

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