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Is there a future for women’s magazines?

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Holly Peacock
WVoN co-editor

In this week’s edition of The Observer magazine journalist Eva Wiseman asks if women’s interest magazines are evolving as quickly as women themselves?

It’s no secret that magazine sales are steadily declining. Publishing houses such as Nat Mags and Hearst Magazines have merged and redundancies have rippled across their publications.

The decline could be because of online competition, but Wiseman argues it could also be the dated tone of voice of the magazines and features that are not in keeping with today’s women.

A look at women’s monthly magazines over the last decade suggest they haven’t really changed – sex quizzes, diets, weddings and celebrities dominate but are they what women today want?

The success of ShortList Media’s free publication Stylist magazine speaks volumes about the type of magazine that women want in 2012. It explores careers, news, inspirational women and humor with an accessible yet intelligent tone of voice.

Over the past few years the magazine’s success has soared. Not only has it survived but it has also developed a ‘network’ that marries all media platforms together to engage the reader and access a wider audience.

It would seem the success of women’s interest magazine relies not only on their online and social presence but also a refocus on what modern women really want to know more about.

  1. Agree, the content of most womens magazines is all about what we need to do to be prettier, slimmer and richer, the rest is padded out with adverts for products picturing ‘apsirational’lifestyles; designer brands, airbrushed models, exotic shoots, expensive watches – all utterly divorced from most womens reality.

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