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India leads the way for businesswomen


Laura Mowat
WVoN co-editor 

India is the best place for female entrepreneurs to set up in business, according to a study by PC maker, Dell.

Women in India can expect 90% business growth in one year, compared to half this in the UK and the US.

The study, which examined 450 female entrepreneurs, shows that females in the UK and the US turn to family and friends for money, whereas in India, angel investors are more common.

Karen Quintos, from Dell, said: “The difference between funding issues between female and the male entrepreneurs is that women have issues even in approaching for funds”.

In its women’s global entrepreneurship study, Dell focussed on business confidence, motivation, financing options and support networks.

According to the study, 71% of female entrepreneurs in India say that their business is successful and 80% are looking to expand and hire more staff.

In terms of having a positive impact on society, Indian female entrepreneurs were far ahead of the west with 80% thinking that their business did, compared to just 21% in the UK.

Dell released the results at the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur network event in New Delhi, which was hosted by Moira Forbes, publisher of Forbes Women.

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