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American women don’t want Romney-Ryan “up in their business”


Faye Mooney
WVoN co-editor

In light of the on-going Republican National Convention, Democratic Party leaders and political commentators are emphasising to voters the huge damage a Romney-Ryan presidency could do to women in the USA.

Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, said in Milwaukee on Wednesday that Romney and Ryan want to shrink government, “unless of course you’re a woman. And then government should be up in your business.

“We don’t want a president who is going to be up in our business.”

WVoN has previously reported on the well-documented and rather horrifying record on women’s rights of the Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney, and his running-mate Paul Ryan.

Since then, the Center for American Progress Action Fund has produced an excellent, detailed and coherent factsheet on exactly what Americans might be able to expect should the two men find themselves in power next year (a document which I strongly recommend reading).

According to the author Jessica Arons, Director of the Women’s Health and Rights Program at the Center for American Progress, the four main points to note are that Romney –Ryan would:

· Threaten women’s jobs and economic security

· Raise taxes on working women and severely cut essential safety net programs to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy

· End Obamacare and its many benefits for women

· Take away a woman’s right to make decisions about whether and when to have children

(Ms Arons has also produced another excellent, longer article for CAPAF detailing the particular ways in which Mitt Romney alone would be bad for women, which can be found here)

Romney does have one secret weapon, and that’s his wife, Ann Romney, whose speech stole the show at the opening of the Replican party conference.

She used the opportunity to make a rather good go of forging a connection between her Presidential-candidate husband and the key swing female voters.

However, current polls show that Romney is losing the battle for the female vote.

But, thankfully, Republican Senator Michele Bachmann clarifies the figures for us, pointing out  that “You’ve gotta aggregate the data, because if you look at it, married women tend to support Mitt Romney more, single women tend to support Barack Obama more.

“Mitt Romney’s going to make life a lot more affordable. He’s gonna bring prices down and that’s really good for women because women do a lot of the shopping in families.” Ah, yes, great point, Michele…

Under the current British government, we have seen how scarily easy it is for a set of carefully manipulated policies to dismantle women’s services and reverse progress on women’s rights. Unlike in the US however, this outcome was not really visible in the manifesto (but, hey, what was?) and the actual impact will still leave women with a great deal more basic rights than our American counterparts could end up with.

The question now is whether the American electorate will be sufficiently scared of the potential onslaught against women to vote against this toxic pairing.

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