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Mexican drug queen is extradited to the US


Sarah Macshane    
WVoN co-editor

Five years after being caught and put in prison for helping to run one of the most notorious drug cartels in Mexico, the Sinaloa Cartel, Sandra Avila has finally been extradited to the US to face a lifetime in prison.

Avila, Mexico’s highest profile female drug smuggler, is famed for having set up the first smuggling routes up the Pacific coast into California, hence her nickname ‘Queen of the Pacific’.

She will face cocaine trafficking charges in Florida and is suspected of conspiring to smuggle the drug into the US along with a Colombian national known as ‘The Tiger’.

She continues to deny all charges and fought to avoid extradition.

Avila grew up in the drug trafficking world. Her uncle was known as ‘The Godfather’ in the 1980s. She is linked to Mexico’s most wanted man, Joaquin ‘Shorty’ Guzman, with whom she built one of Mexico’s most powerful criminal organisations.

While in prison in Mexico, Avila regularly received botox sessions from the prison doctor, who has since been dismissed. She has also become somewhat of a Mexican superstar with books and songs dedicated to her.

Avila blames the Mexican government for the rise of drug trafficking.

The drug war has claimed more than 55,000 lives since the army was sent out to battle the drug gangs in 2006.

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