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Support “Clarity” and her Crowdfunder initiative


Wendy Hanks
Musician, teacher and mum 

From my experience as a primary school teacher, singer and mother, I’m aware that pop stars have a huge reach when it comes to kids.

Trouble is that much of the music, lyrics and accompanying music videos clips accessible by school aged children are highly sexualised,  causing our children to have a skewed view of the world.

Having become a teenage mum myself 11 years ago, I’ve found it almost impossible to protect my daughter from the sexualised culture in which she (and I) have to live.

So I decided to do something about it by recording an album that is suitable for children in the 6 to 12 age group.

But I needed a persona to go with it. And, hey, Project Clarity was born!

Representing a performer stuck between girlhood and womanhood, Clarity is fun, but not a bimbo.  She’s smart, but not a geek.  She’s a tomboy, with a streak of femininity.  She breaks the mould.

She is ready to fill the gap with her songs catering to primary school aged children, delivering healthy messages for kids and steering away from the sexualised content of most of our pop culture.

Clarity’s debut album is suitably titled “The Gap”.

It contains 15 original songs, ranging from topics such as friends, bullying, family, the environment, the internet and more.

The songs have a deliberate hiphop/pop sound, to appeal to the target age group.  Parents of primary school aged children will find this approach refreshing and appropriate.

But Clarity also needs money – $15,000 to be precise in order to professionally record, produce and master my album in the studio.

The crowdfunding initiative only has four days left to reach its target.

Please help me record my first album in Perth, to get me on the road to reach Australian children and spread the positivity.

Please donate $10 at  It is an “all or nothing” campaign.  In return, local Perth supporters will receive free concert tickets and interstate supporters will receive a signed Clarity poster.

You can have a listen to Clarity’s rough demo tracks (‘rough’ meaning ‘low budget with time constraints’) at

And here’s a link to her video.

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