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Lose the lads’ mags: day of action


lose the lads magsJoin us for a national day of action as supporters hold family-friendly protests outside local Tesco stores.

Have you seen the papers over the past week? Lose the Lads’ Mags has been all over the news, including the front pages of Metro and the Guardian.

First the Co-operative told lads’ mags publishers to wrap the magazines in ‘modesty bags’ or not be sold any more.

Then Tesco announced they will only sell lads’ mags like Nuts and Zoo to over-18s.

Then Nuts and Zoo said they are refusing the Co-operative’s demand to wrap their magazines – so they will no longer be stocked in the Co-operative’s 4000 stores!

This is an absolutely huge achievement! Because of the work we’ve done together lads’ mags have become a national news story and huge companies like Tesco and the Co-operative are reacting to our pressure.

It’s because of every single person who has signed the petition, emailed, Tweeted and Facebook messaged retailers.

Amazing work everyone!

But there’s still more to do.

What Tesco are proposing so far is only a half-measure – designed to allow them to carry on profiting from sexist, harmful lads’ mags.

Yet by stocking them, shops are sending out the message it’s normal and acceptable to treat women like dehumanised sex objects.

This has got to end.

Now we need to use the momentum we’ve built so far and show them that the only measure we’ll accept is losing the lads’ mags for good.

We’ve seen what’s possible when we act together – so let’s take the message right to the doorstep of the UK’s biggest retailer.

On Saturday 24 August join us for a national day of action as supporters hold family-friendly protests outside local Tesco stores.

We’ll be talking to customers, collecting petition signatures and sending out the message to Tesco that half-measures won’t cut it. They need to lose the lads’ mags!

So far actions have been planned for Glasgow, Cambridge, Portsmouth, Norwich, Halifax, in Kent and in London.

To find details of your nearest action, click here.

If there isn’t an action planned near you, get a few friends together and hold your own action. It’s easy!

We’ve prepared a short film – starring actress Romola Garai – showing how to organise a Lose the Lads’ Mags action on 24 August.

We’ve shown what’s possible when we come together and raise our voice. Now let’s turn up the volume.

Join the day of action on 24 August.

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