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Join the protest against TV show


demonstration 13 January against Benefit StreetBuild up a Twitter storm against misinformation of Reality TV show ‘Benefits Street’.

Last Monday, 6 January the first episode of a new ‘Reality TV’ show was broadcast in the UK, called ‘Benefits Street’.

This is the latest in a long line of TV shows which are designed to demonise Social Security claimants and paint them as scroungers of “hard working people’s tax money”.

This is deliberate misinformation, and is very much in line with the UK government insisting that unemployed people are to blame for unemployment, not the government’s own austerity economics, and that people claiming out of work and disability benefits are just too lazy to earn their own money, and that people who live on benefits are doing so as a “lifestyle choice”.

You can view the trailer for the series by clicking  here. Or if you wish to watch the entire first episode, click here .

And here is some of the media fallout from the show: 1 , 234.

Disabled People Against the Cuts (DPAC) and other campaigning organisations have had enough of this propaganda and are going to fight back.

A demonstration has been organised to be held at 43 Eagle St, London WC1R 4AT, the offices of the television production company that is responsible for making this series.

Ironically, they call themselves ‘Love Productions’. They are on Twitter as @LoveProdHouse

The demonstration has been set for 3pm GMT on Monday 13 January. That is 10am EST. You can read the announcement here and here.

As well as a demo outside the production offices, there is going to be a noise on Twitter, and your help would really be appreciated.

It would let activists in the UK know that they are not alone.

Tweet to the production company @LoveProdHouse and to the TV broadcaster @Channel4 to let them know that these programmes are not acceptable.

If you are not a twitter user you can email the broadcaster, Channel 4, here.

A web page with pre-prepared tweets that you may wish to use is now up – click here for those – or you are welcome to tweet them your own tweets.

Please use the hashtags #BenefitsStreet and the hashtags #DPAC #OCAP so that activists in the UK can see that you are supporting the cause.

The second episode airs on TV on Monday at 9pm GMT – 4pm EST. This second episode of this programme focuses on immigration, which means its likely to be just as toxic as the first episode – if not even more so.

Tweeting in force should get our message across about the poison spread by this sort of programme.

You could also sign the petition asking Channel 4 (@Channel4) to stop broadcasting Benefits Street and make a donation to a relevant charity for the harm caused.

DPAC would really appreciate you joining them in this.

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