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BT ads: no women please


BT ad fails Bechdel test, sexist, women's rightsA major Bechdel Test failure.

I confess that I hate BT (British Telecom) as an organisation after its broadband ‘customer service department’ reduced me to tears over a broadband speed failure about 4 years ago. I ended my contract with the company and will never go back.

So now that is out of the way, let’s look at the latest ad from BT (see below).

Every time I see it I still cannot identify any womenthat are actually deciding on choosing BT’s latest fibre optic internet service.

Every conversation in this ad is had by men – a major Bechdel Test failure.

There is one woman who talks about her friend who can ‘shop online’ and ‘stream cheese’ at the same time.

At least I think that is what she says – please correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like her part in the ad was so unimportant, that no effort was made to ensure what she says is easily understood.

And so, men talk about buffering and speeds and The Token Woman talks about online shopping.

The other women in the ad are indulgently smiling at their men.

My question is – am I the only woman who has researched, bought, left and negotiated with internet providers, and is on top of my speed?

(I change my wi-fi channel to increase speed when needed and I am currently putting up with Sky – if the service grinds to a halt on one more Sunday, then I Will Not Be Happy).

I think not.

The women of my acquaintance regularly make decisions about internet speeds and quality – because we are writers/researchers/bloggers/working from home/just interested.

And we need good quality internet connections.

Something that BT seems to have completely missed.

I am so glad not to be with BT any more.

See the ad here. If you can bear it.

To complain, click here.

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