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Petition Osborne to stop taxing periods


stp taxing periods. petition, George OsborneThe Government taxes sanitary towels but not crocodile steaks.

Does placing exotic meats above sexual hygiene truly reflect society’s needs and values?

A 5 per cent tax rate has been placed on sanitary products, while exotic meats walk away tax free.

HM Revenue and Customs justify this rate by labelling these sexual health products as ‘non-essential’ items.

The annual tax revenue from sanitary products can be estimated as £45 million. This is 0.0076 per cent of tax revenue, or, put another way, accounts for 76 pence in every £10,000.

Imagine what the charities Women’s Aid, Refuge or Womankind could achieve with £45 million pounds!

It is a choice to use sanitary products. However, in order to maintain a successful career and a normal lifestyle, sanitary care is most definitely essential.

The Government is failing to recognise this as an issue, refusing to subsidise such a medical necessity, and have the audacity to tax you for making this ‘choice’.

This fight is far from hopeless; the Government reduced the tax rate from 17.5 per cent in 2001, following pressure to keep inline with EU regulations.

Let’s pressure them further to reduce this to 0 per cent.

Sanitary products would then be able to join HM Revenue and Custom’s list of ‘essential’ tax free items, alongside: men’s razors; alcoholic dessert jellies; crucial edible cake decorations (specifying chocolate scrolls and sugar flowers amongst other imperative appetising delights); and everybody’s favourite and all-important selection of exotic meats.

So, which do you value more: your sexual hygiene or your crocodile steak?

The petition to be sent to George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, says:

‘Reduce your tax on sanitary products to 0 per cent and recognise their essentiality. They are vital to maintaining a healthy and normal life. Your failure to acknowledge this, especially in comparison with other menial products, is an insult to men and women alike, and should be reversed.

Yours, etc.’

Please sign it.

And join us on Facebook.

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