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The more you talk, the less it will happen


Pooja Baruta, short film, Bol, sexual abuseBol: a silent film against sexual abuse.

Pooja Batura, a 29 year-old female freelance writer/director, talks about the release of her latest film short, Bol.

Bol, a silent film shot in India, contains powerful vignettes that illustrate incidences of sexual abuse.

Pooja Batura’s hope is that the link to the film will be shared widely and awareness raised.

She is currently writing another short film which is about life after rape.

“The idea behind making ‘Bol’ – a Hindi word which means to ‘speak up’ – was precise and clear: to raise awareness of how sexual harassment, rape, and molestation is on the rise in India.

“Whether it has happened to a woman, girl or child is not the only question – as important is where is this happening? Behind closed doors?  Out in the open? In the periphery of our homes?

“After the Delhi rape case in 2012, we, as women, feared for ourselves: we clutched each other emotionally seeking assurance that it would not happen to us: the incident stood as a cruel reference to the times we are living in.

“With fiercely noisy news channels shouting on top of their voices and the advent of social media we witness sexual harassment every day. Each and every woman is affected by it in the social realms of our so called civil society.

“It is a disgusting reality within which today’s women live.

“As a film maker I had to do something or else it would have eaten me up. That was when the seeds of Bol were born.

“Bol is not only a film, it is my message to the folks out there to be aware. The idea is to illustrate sexual abuse and get people talking about it so that men in my country know that any lecherous intent will not be tolerated anymore.

“I want to prevent it from happening to anyone and everyone by raising awareness in social media to young men and women who are going to be the agents of change in this country for decades to come.

“To the women of Delhi, I want to imagine a Delhi without rape – can you? No you can’t. So what can you do?

Being an optimist I believe even if one of you passes the link to the film on, awareness will increase  – the more you talk the less it will happen.

Please spread the word – BOL.”

To watch the film, click here. Trigger warning for content.

Please share, share, share!

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