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What the Frock book and birthday party


What the Frock!, book, book launch, birthday, birthday event, 12 JuneAnnouncing the publication of a ground-breaking, myth-busting paperback!

The What The Frock! Book of Funny Women, written by Jane Duffus and with a foreword by Lucy Porter, puts an end, once and for all, to the tired idea that women aren’t funny by providing countless examples of side-splittingly hilarious women.

The first half of the book contains chapters outlining the history and important role of women in comedy on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as addressing the myriad of obstacles that stand in the way of female comedians’ success.

The second half of the book collects together more than 70 profiles of some of female comedians – from Caroline Aherne to Victoria Wood – and includes guest contributions from names such as Ian Martin writer on The Thick Of It, Veep; Viv Groskop, comedian, broadcaster, journalist; James Mullinger, comedian, GQ comedy editor; and comedian and broadcaster Kate Smurthwaite.

What The Frock! founder, author Jane Duffus, said: “This book neither asks nor answers the question ‘are women funny?’ because of course women are funny. To suggest otherwise is as absurd as asking whether a man can be a nurse.

“This book presumes you know women are funny and confirms this by celebrating some of the wonderful women who have made us laugh for the past century or more.

“We shouldn’t have to segregate the genders in the 21st Century. But to me the important point is to provide a platform to nurture new female talent, and to continue to raise the profile of those talented performers in the media.

“This is what What The Frock! aims to do and this book is an extension of that goal.”

The What The Frock! Book of Funny Women was published this May to celebrate 100+ years of fantastically funny women – and What The Frock! is having a birthday party-comedy show and book launch on 12 June at Bristol Improv Theatre, St Paul’s Road, Clifton, Bristol.

The very first What The Frock! comedy event was held in Bristol on 18 May 2012. It was meant to be just a one-off event, but ‘with a never-ending stream of talented female comedians we wanted to book, plus overwhelming enthusiasm from our continually growing audiences, we just kept on going’.

So 2015 will mark What The Frock!’s third birthday – and forty-fifth event.

Forty-five! That’s an average of 15 events a year, 60 comedians a year brought to Bristol and 2,000 people a year entertained! Very well done!

Making 12 June an incredibly special event.

A fabulous comedy night has been planned so you too can mark the occasion. It will be hosted by Viv Groskop, stand-up, a compere, a member of improv group Upstairs Downton and star of her 2013 solo show I Laughed, I Cried.

And joining Viv will be the amazing Ada Campe, the outstanding Fern Brad and the vivacious Miranda Dawe.

For more event info click here. Get tickets here.

To buy the book – at £7.99 with free UK P&P click here.

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