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Speak out for a video project


women speak out, video project, training projectWe hope that real live women speak out about the issues facing them.

According to the last World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report, the UK has slipped from the 18th position to the 26th in terms of women’s equality.

And 44 per cent of women have experienced a form of male violence, 9 out 10 of lone parents are women and the gender pay gap is still 19 per cent.

Women are still invisible in the main leadership roles, from media – only 2 of the 18 major national newspaper editors are women – to politics – women ministers are only 22 per cent in the current government – to the economic world – according to the FTSE index only 25.4 per cent of women are company’s directors.

And current austerity policies are forcing women to pay off the majority of the deficit.

In the previous government we paid off 79 per cent of the UK deficit compared with the  21 per cent paid by men – see A Fair Deal for Women’s website for this data and to see sources related to women’s inequality.

And behind each one of these numbers there’s a story, a personal life.

There’s a woman facing cultural, social and economic barriers and often a women’s organisation supporting her to shape a new life.

The Women Speak Out project is gathering women’s personal stories to show how current policies affect their real lives, making it harder in both public and private contexts – from work to education, from health and wellbeing to safety, from immigration to family life, being a carer, being a pensioner.

Women Speak Out  is a video project: we want to film women who have experienced disadvantage and inequality.

Perhaps you haven’t been able to access legal aid, or you’re scared you’ll lose out on cuts to your benefits, you’ve experienced pregnancy discrimination, or you’re suffering from homelessness.

Please get in touch with Florence if you would like to tell your story, or if you work with women who would be interested in joining in.

We will provide media training so you gain the skills and confidence to speak to journalists, and challenge decision makers if you wish to.

We hope that if enough real live women speak out about the issues facing them and the government policies they worry about, women can take control of their own narrative at a time when much of the media and government rhetoric is negative and damaging – and can challenge decision-makers.

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