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Walk five miles for water


Walk in Her Shoes, water, 5 miles, CARE,Walk 10,000 steps a day and raise £100.

In the world’s poorest countries, women and girls have to spend their days walking for water. This daily trek prevents them from going to work or school, and means they can’t fulfil their potential.

But you can help change this – and CARE has a challenge for you.

Or a request.

Walk 10,000 steps a day from 21 – 27 March and raise £100.

Or walk during another week of the year that suits you.

Walk In Her Shoes is part of CARE’s Help Her Live Learn and Earn campaign, and every pound you raise between now and 4 June will be doubled by the UK government – with the money going directly to water, sanitation and women’s rights projects in Ethiopia.

All funds raised as part of the Help Her Live Learn and Earn campaign will be used to implement a number of life-changing improvements for the women and girls of the Afar region in Ethiopia – one of the most geographically remote and inhospitable areas of Africa.

Water is a basic human need, but  without easy access to water, women and girls all around the world are left with no choice: instead of working or going to school, they have to spend their days walking for water.

Ambie, for example, dreams of becoming a nurse. But until she has time for school, this will remain a dream. Instead of going to school like most 10 year-old girls, she  spends her days walking to collect water for her family.

To see Ambie’s story, click here.

Lula started walking to collect water for her family when she was only 6, often walking for 2 hours twice a day and carrying loads of 20 litres at a time.

She experienced excruciating back pain – and the time taken up by walking prevented her from going to school.

But thanks to supporters, CARE was able to build a water source which provides water for over 7,000 people in her locality.

Lula can now drink clean, safe water and has time for school. She now has hope and ambitions for the future: she intends to finish school and hopes to one day work for the government.

Your support can help improve access to water in some of the world’s poorest countries, giving women and girls the opportunity of a better future.

£100 can provide water and sanitation for a school for a class of children for 2 years, saving their daily walk for water and allowing them to receive an education.

Join in. Walk In Her Shoes. Walk 5 miles every day for a week.

On average we each walk 4,000 steps a day in the UK.

At more than double this, 10,000 steps may be a challenge, but for most people it is perfectly possible to fit into your everyday life.

Walking about 5 miles a day for a week may take some planning but it should be doable. Click here for some tips.

And if it doesn’t seem like so much of a challenge to you, you can always set yourself a higher target!

Click here to sign up and join in.

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