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The Feminist Library needs funding help now!


crowdfunder, Old Kent Road Studios project, Feminist Library, new home, helpA possible ‘home for the library’ project has until 16 August to crowdfund enough money!

The Feminist Library has, as you may recall, been forced to go house-hunting.

Prices in London being what they are, etc, – but the Library may have found a new home with Old Kent Road Studios.

A move to Old Kent Road Studios would also mean the Library would be staying in the same borough, as its staff would like to, as they want to remain loyal to a local community which has been supportive.

But the Old Kent Road Studios project only has until 16 August – only a few more days – to crowdfund the outstanding £24,987 of the £54,279 they need to begin refurbishment.

If they do not raise all the money, they will get NOTHING – as per basic crowdfunder rules.

Ulrike Steven, of architects what if: projects, is one of the brains behind the Old Kent Road Studios project aka OKRS, along with Nicolas Okwulu, of the social enterprise Pempeople.

She explains: ‘OKRS is one of 20 locally initiated crowdfunding campaigns to receive a pledge from the Mayor of London in Round 3 of his Civic Crowdfunding pilot.

‘If we can raise all the rest of the total project budget from ‘the crowd’, the Mayor will donate £20,000 and it can become a reality.

‘The deadline for this fundraising is 16 August 2016.

‘Our project is important as it will help local people by bringing life, new skills and jobs to a neglected corner of South East London.

‘Southwark Council is providing us with support and a lease for the garages. These will provide spaces for making, training and cultural programmes in the context of a housing estate on the Old Kent Road.

‘1290m2 of vacant space will be transformed into a community venue with a central courtyard surrounded by workshops, studios, multifunctional spaces and a training kitchen.

‘The garages present an increasingly rare opportunity for a new, experimental community space in inner London.

‘Potential partner organisations include the Tate, London Youth and the Feminist Library, which is hoping to move here.

‘So please help to kick-start this ambitious project!

‘The funding target hasn’t been reached yet and we encourage everybody with an interest in the Old Kent Road to make a pledge now. You will be part of creating a destination on this historic high street.’

To read more about the project, click here.

To donate to the OKRS crowdfunder, click here.


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