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They cut we bleed


Hidden Civil War, Sisters Uncut, Ruth Ewan, Kate Liston, Newcastle, NewBridge ProjectIs there evidence of a hidden civil war in Britain today?

Hidden Civil War’ is a month-long programme – running until 30 October 2016 – of events and exhibitions in different parts of Newcastle upon Tyne that expose, collate and present evidence of a Hidden Civil War in Britain today.

The landscape: colossal public asset stripping and dissociation via corporate tax evasion; the tearing up of the welfare state and the commitments to each other that it was built upon; the vilification of the vulnerable, discriminatory cuts imposed on disabled people and deaths among them. A serious increase in homelessness amid the biggest housing crisis for several generations, family debt, the ongoing denial of access to land and erosion of civil liberties.

Hidden Civil War is a collaborative project, commissioned by The NewBridge Project and developed in partnership with East St Arts, Hands on Film Lab, Metal, Paper Rhino, Julia Heslop, Beth Ramsay, Julie Tomlin, Vicky Ward, Aisha Zia, Mark Donne, Taryn Edmonds and Chris Erskine.

Activists and artists have contributed to a series of events curated and commissioned by The NewBridge Project in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Among them are:

Ruth Ewan, with ‘A Jukebox of People Trying to Change the World’, a CD jukebox which contains a – growing – collection of songs addressing a spectrum of social issues, some directly political in motive, some vaguely utopian and some chronicling specific historic events.

Songs that could all be described as progressive in subject matter.

The archive currently contains over 2,000 tracks, with no more than two by the same artist, which are ordered into over seventy categories such as feminism, land ownership, poverty, civil rights and ecology.

Ruth Ewan lives and works in London. Her work takes many forms including performance, installation and printed matter.

Her practice explores overlooked areas of political and social history, reviving these forgotten thoughts and ideas and highlighting their continued relevance today.

Often celebrating activists and radical thinkers, Ewan’s work encourages collaboration and participation – in the past she has worked with historians, traditional craftsmen, musicians and school children.

Sisters Uncut NCL in a 2-day residence in The Newbridge Project Gallery space, and hosting Who are Sisters?

A series of workshops, talks and events to bring sisters together and spread the word about the impact of austerity on vital services in our region.

Women from Sisters Uncut groups around the UK will come together to show how this powerful movement is taking direct-action against cuts to domestic violence services. Presentations from our UK Sisters will be followed by a discussion.

And ‘WE: A Film Forum’ presents a series of free screenings and discussions over one weekend, with a particular focus on the cultural impact of migration and investigating the capacity of individuals and communities to shape society.

The selection of five films, with a complementary series of discussions, kicks off on 21 October with Jumana Manna‘s ‘A Magical Substance Flows Into Me’, a journey into the contested musical history of Palestine through the work of ethnomusicologist and German-Jewish refugee, Robert Lachmann, detailing his radio broadcasts from Jerusalem in the 1930s.

On the Saturday the theme is migration, refuge and asylum, first with a film by locally-based artist Isabel Lima, followed by the internationally acclaimed ‘Brûle la Mer’ (Burn the Sea) by French filmmaker Nathalie Nambot and Tunisian refugee Maki Berchache, detailing the reality of migration from North Africa to Europe in the wake of the Arab Spring.

The last day of WE: A Film Forum examines a historical dialogue of power and collective resistance seen in Britain today – through representations of land and the human body itself in artist films by James Holcombe, Rosalind Fowler and Hands On Film Lab’s Artist in Residence Kate Liston.

For more information, tickets, or to see the whole programme, click here.

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