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Join a fashion fast to oppose fast fashion


six items challenge, Labour behind the Label, fundraiser, LentChoose six items of clothing to wear for six weeks for a fundraiser.

Think you can do it?

Fast Fashion is a relatively new phenomenon where brands change their stock every 4 to 6 weeks to keep up with the very latest fashion trends at a price which makes the clothes cheap and disposable.

Fast Fashion is the drive to increase profits and get products into our high street shops faster and faster, to satisfy an insatiable desire for new trends; the drive to sell more, consume more, make more, waste more.

This, however, has disastrous consequences for the people who make our clothes.

In the last few days of 2016 workers were fired for organising in an attempt to address concerns about their pay and working conditions.

And all in all, 2016 was a busy and strange year; there were many ups and downs, but going forward into 2017 one thing remains clear: there is a long way to go before garment workers are getting a fair deal.

When workers are sacked for exercising their rights, we often think there is little we can do to help. But actually, this just isn’t the case.

Labour Behind the Label campaigns for garment workers’ rights worldwide, supporting garment workers’ efforts to improve their working conditions and change the fashion industry for the better.

And Labour Behind the Label raises awareness of the issues, provides information and promotes international solidarity between workers and consumers.

Labour Behind the Label’s Six Items Challenge is designed to challenge our increasing reliance on fast fashion and raise vital funds which will enable Labour Behind the Label to keep fighting for the justice that garment workers deserve.

The idea is simple – select six items of clothing from your wardrobe and pledge to wear only these every day for six weeks.

Don’t panic – you can have unlimited access to underwear, accessories and footwear.

You’re even allowed to use your sportswear or performance gear if you need to maintain a fitness regime.

But your main items of clothing – dresses, trousers, tops, skirts, jumpers, shirts or cardigans – must remain the same throughout.

The 2017 Six Items Challenge will be running during Lent, which falls between 1 March and 24 April this year.

To sign up to join in and start fundraising, click here.

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