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Women in the future of industry


Labour launch industrial strategy consultationLabour launches industrial strategy consultation.

The Labour party has launched a wide-ranging consultation with businesses, trade unions, the third sector, the public and others about the priorities, interventions, institutions and processes that will shape Labour’s industrial strategy.

Led by the Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Clive Lewis MP, and the Shadow Minister for Industrial Strategy, Chi Onwurah MP, the consultation will be open for six weeks and invites contributions on a broad range of questions crucial to the future of Britain’s economy.

By ‘industrial strategy’, Labour means a vision of the kind of economy we all want, and a plan for how to deliver it.

This is not about old-fashioned centralisation or command and control. It is about the state bringing workers and employers together with other stakeholders, and working with them in a way that is proactive, integrated, and long-term, drawing on best practices from other countries.

Labour will be seeking views from all sectors to help design an industrial strategy that helps build a modern economy that works for everyone and everywhere in the country, and consulting on how people understand the idea of an industrial strategy and its role, and seeking views on what are the main barriers confronting Britain’s economy.

This consultation comes after a speech by the Shadow Business Secretary last year, in which he committed a future Labour government to ensuring that 60 per cent of our energy would come from low carbon or renewable sources by 2030, and promised that achieving this goal would boost UK competitiveness in green energy industries and create good jobs in post-industrial areas.

It is a three-part consultation, and Part Two ‘What goals should we set ourselves in terms of job creation, e.g. with respect to job quality and full employment?’ is of particular interest to women, so please make sure you at least look at that.

They are set out via links on a consultation website.

Labour has already said it wants to work in partnership with business and trade unions to develop an industrial strategy that will bring good jobs to every corner of the country.

This consultation will help Labour develop the specific policies and interventions to make Labour’s vision for a high-skilled, high-wage, high-productivity economy vision a reality.

And the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, is convening another series of public events to broaden the debate around economics in Britain.

Last year Mariana Mazzucato, RM Phillips Professor in the Economics of Innovation, SPRU, University of Sussex and author of The Entrepreneurial State: debunking public vs. private sector myths, spoke about “Economic Policy: from market fixing to market creating and shaping”; Francesca Bria, as Senior Project Lead, Nesta; Nick Srnicek, author of ‘Inventing the Future’, and Daniel Susskind from Balliol College, Oxford, and author of ‘The Future of the Professions’, looked at “Technology and the future world of work”.

To listen to them – and others in the 2016 programme – now, click here.

“For too long, the benefits of growth have not been shared across the country. Only a bold, transformative industrial strategy can fix these problems,” Clive Lewis said.

“I urge everyone to get involved – together we can deliver an economy that is stronger, fairer, and sustainable.”

And Chi Onwurah said: “Please get involved and have your say on the jobs of the future.”

To read more about the whole consultation idea, click here.

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