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Ask candidates to end violence against women


End Violence Against Women and Girls, 5 prioties for government, activists guide, template for action, #GE2017Put ending violence against women and girls on candidates’ agendas.

The End Violence Against Women coalition (EVAW) has launched Priorities for Government, a manifesto for ending violence against women and girls, and has written to party leaders asking:

If elected, would your government ensure that women and girls’ rights are protected during Brexit negotiations? This means that the many advances in equality and human rights law which benefit women in the UK are protected.

If elected, will you improve the way the criminal justice system handles these crimes – including acting urgently to stop the use of victim-blaming sexual history, and ensuring all women have access to legal aid and advocacy for as long as they need it?

If elected, will you ensure that every woman and girl at risk can get the support she needs, whether it be crisis accommodation, counselling for abuse that happened many years ago or legal advocacy and advice?

If elected, will you make it a priority for all public services, especially the health service, schools and the welfare system, to play their part in tackling abuse? This means health workers being trained not to miss abuse; stopping welfare rules which stigmatise women, such as the rape clause; asylum and immigration systems which do not deter women from seeking protection; and schools delivering the best possible Relationships and Sex Education.

And will be publishing all the responses here when they get them.

You can join in: ask your local candidates exactly what they intend to do to end violence against women and girls.

In the run up to 8 June candidates are in listening mode – so this is your chance to let them know exactly what you expect to see them do and ask them if they will take action, and if they say ‘yes’, ask what and when. And if ‘no’ ask why not!

EVAW has put together an Activist Guide and a template email/letter for you to use at hustings or send to your local parliamentary candidates if you like. Click here to see this.

If candidates reply to you please send the reply to EVAW if you would like it included it on their Election 2017 page, where they will keep track of as many pledges as they can.

You could also share any response you do receive on social media – and use it after the election to hold those who are elected to account.

Contact EVAW for any help or advice on how to campaigning in these elections! #Vote2EndVAWG

And don’t forget to register before 22 May so you can vote on 8 June! Click here to register – it is very simple.

And very important.

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