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select committee, call for evidence, citizenship, civil engagement, Are there barriers preventing people from being more involved, both locally and nationally?

The House of Lords Select Committee on Citizenship and Civic Engagement has been appointed to consider the issues of citizenship and civic engagement in the twenty-first century – and is calling for evidence from those interested in these issues.

The committee is keen to hear from a wide range of individuals, groups and organisations in order to understand the nature of the citizenship challenge for different parts of society.

The aim is to identify new ways of building bridges within and between communities, and to support civic engagement.

The focuses of the Committee’s inquiry will include:

The meaning of citizenship and civic engagement in the 21st century;

The role of ceremonies in encouraging citizenship;

The rights and responsibilities attached to citizenship;

The impact of current electoral law on political engagement;

The state of citizenship education and the role that it plays in creating active citizens;

The role of voluntary citizenship schemes such as the National Citizen Service;

The ways society can support civic engagement and the role of government and Parliament in supporting that;

The values that all of us who live in Britain should share and support; and

The relationship between civic engagement and social cohesion.

Lord Hodgson of Astley Abbotts, who is chair of the 12-person committee, said: “British Society has experienced many changes in recent years and this has put new stresses and strains upon it.

“Citizenship and civic engagement are a vital part of the “glue” that maintains a cohesive and tolerant society.

“This Committee has been established to investigate citizenship in the UK, what it means and whether it should change.

“We also want to find out if there are barriers preventing people from being more involved, both locally and nationally.

“We hope to hear from people all over the country who have an interest in this topic, who work with communities who are disengaged as well as from people who are disengaged themselves.”

Interested parties and organisations are invited to submit written evidence to the Committee by 8 September 2017.

The Committee will begin taking oral evidence in September 2017. It has to make its report by 31 March 2018.

If you have any questions about the call for evidence, how to submit evidence, or the deadline, please contact the staff of the Committee at

To find out about how exactly to send your written submission, click here.

The online conversation on Twitter is using the hashtag #HLCitizenship

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