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Stand by your Nan


UK State pension, pittance, old people, dying of cold, petition, ‘Every winter, 25,000 older people in England and Wales do not survive the bitter winter: this represents 206 deaths a day’.


Cold has been systematically killing our elderly people for over 30 years from cold-related illnesses against a background of soaring energy bills, due to the meagre State pension paid out in this country since the 80s when Margaret Thatcher’s right wing Tory government broke the link that kept the State pension our elderly people had paid decades of National Insurance contributions for, from increasing directly as male average earnings increased.

Consequently since the earnings link was cut, Britain’s State pension has been reduced to a pittance compared to Western European levels.

German pensioners receive a State pension of £26,000 a year, French pensioners receive £15, 811 a year, while the basic State pension here in the UK is £7,488, and to clarify how EU governments manage this, they spend more than double their Gross National Product (GNP – overall wealth) on State pensions than we do.

EU governments spend 12 per cent GNP on State pensions.

Our Tory governments, since Margaret Thatcher broke the earnings link, spend 5 per cent, less than half…

Age UK say that every winter, 25,000 older people in England and Wales do not survive the bitter winter.

This represents 206 deaths a day.

None of this is necessary, if Britain’s State pension was on a par with Western European levels – which are far higher than the UK’s State pension.

Millions of our oldest citizens are suffering untimely deaths due to hypothermia related illnesses, due to inadequate State pension income from the government.

This has to be regarded as government neglect and manslaughter.

This situation for our oldest citizens has been ongoing for over 30 years, yet the British, largely, have not turned a hair!!!!

And the BBC have fundamentally ignored the issue.

Britain’s low State pension has nothing to do with costs… There is a “surplus” in the National Insurance fund in excess of £30 billion. And the National Insurance system was set up to pay State pensions…

Britain is a very wealthy country…

We can fight wars with hardly any questions about expense, and we can send billions round the world, yet according to this and former right-wing Tory governments since Margaret Thatcher, an ever-growing aged population is a problem!!!???…

Please sign my petition, and share it, to show your disgust at this disgraceful treatment of our oldest citizens, and to force Parliament to discuss this issue, which will bring the ultimately sick way we treat our oldest pensioners to the media’s attention.

Please sign, and share, and keep sharing, to bring this issue to the media’s attention.

I am aiming for over a million signatures before the next General Election.

A version of this article appeared on the NyeBevan News website on 3 December 2017.

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