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Cool men don’t buy sex


Cool men don't buy sex, campaign, Nordic Model Now!‘We do not believe that prostitution is inevitable’.

It is estimated that there are 11 million sex trafficking victims worldwide, of whom 96 per cent are women and girls.

This represents an unimaginable amount of human misery and suffering.

But let us be clear, it is the money that ordinary men pay for prostitution that drives this exploitative industry.

Every time a man buys sex anywhere in the world, he contributes to this cesspool of ruthless exploitation.

“Buying sex” and “sex-buyer” are not favourite terms because they sanitise the inequality and abuse inherent to prostitution. Prostitution is more a case of a man renting a woman for sexual use.

But sometimes there’s a place for compromise in the interests of accessibility. See this Terminology link for more about this.

But ‘it isn’t like that’, many people say – ‘she chose to do it’ and therefore ‘it’s consensual and completely ethical’.

To these people, we say please educate yourself about the reality.

To those who say they are enabling her to have an income, we say: why not give her some money without strings attached, and campaign for a more equal and just society?

To those who say the problems with prostitution would be sorted if we would just legalise – or fully decriminalise – it, please find out what has happened in New Zealand and Germany.

Prostitution is inherently violent and is one of the key mechanisms that maintains male dominance.

We do not believe that prostitution is inevitable.

And if we want a fairer, more humane world, we need to work to end it.

We already have a law in England and Wales that makes it a criminal offence to buy sex from someone who has been coerced.

But it is not effective.

This is why we need the Nordic Model, which makes buying sex per se a criminal offence, with the key aim of changing social norms around prostitution.

This approach cracks down on pimping but decriminalises those who sell sex and provides them with services and genuine routes out.

The Nordic Model approach to prostitution – sometimes also known as the Sex Buyer Law, or the Swedish, Abolitionist, or Equality Model – decriminalises all those who are prostituted, provides support services to help them exit, and makes buying people for sex a criminal offence, in order to reduce the demand that drives sex trafficking.

This approach has now been adopted in Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Canada, France, and most recently, Ireland.

The Nordic Model requires thinking about prostitution differently, and we need to raise awareness about thinking like this.

And the #CoolMenDontBuySex campaign is one way you can help raise that awareness.

Apne Aap, a pro-Nordic Model organisation helping women and girls out of the sex industry in India, started a #CoolMenDontBuySex campaign a couple of years ago.

And the campaign group Nordic Model Now! wants to build on their excellent work and bring the campaign to the UK.

Nordic Model Now! is calling on men to join a #CoolMenDontBuySex social media campaign to raise awareness that prostitution-buying is damaging and drives the vast prostitution industry, most of whose USD186 billion annual global turnover goes into the pockets of pimps and traffickers.

Calling on men to take selfies holding a #CoolMenDontBuySex or “Cool men don’t buy sex” sign, and post them on social media under the hashtag.

Alternatively, email them to to be posted.

Some of the men Nordic Model Now! have spoken to have expressed reservations about the use of the word “cool.”

One said, “It feels like part of the suffocating force that got men into the mess we’re now in.”

He has a point.

We considered a number of other hashtags, including:



#MenForGenuineHumanConnection and


All have their strengths, but the staff at Nordic Model Now! don’t think any of them flow off the tongue quite as easily as #CoolMenDontBuySex.

Please use whatever you prefer.

But it would be great if you could also add the #CoolMenDontBuySex hashtag to the social media post.


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