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Elections: discuss domestic and sexual violence


local and mayoral elections, England, 3 May 2018, register to vote, EVAW campaign, pledge, Local councils have enormous power to help end violence against women and girls.

On 3 May 2018 there are local and mayoral elections  in many parts of England.

And as the End Violence Against Women Coalition (EVAW) points out in their election pledge campaign, those who get elected have real local power – they can take a stand on sexual harassment, they have a major say in funding decisions for support services, and they can tell schools they expect work to be done to challenge and change attitudes for the long-term.

In the run-up to 3 May candidates are in listening mode – so this is your chance to let them know that you expect to see action – and ensure there is help for victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

What you can do:

You can find out if you have an election in your area here.

If you are not sure what council area or what council ward you live in you can find it here.
You need to register by 17 April to vote in the local and mayoral elections in England on 3 May.

Register to vote, if you haven’t already. It usually takes about 5 minutes.

To register to vote online: click here.

Alternatively, you can contact your local Electoral Registration Office and ask them to post a form to you. You’ll then need to return the completed form to your local Electoral Registration Office.

There’s a different process to register anonymously, for example if you are concerned about your safety.

If you think you won’t be home on 3 May you can register for a postal vote. Your application must arrive by 5pm on 18 April.

Anyone can apply to vote by post. You don’t need to give a reason.

Then – use this handy Activist Guide put together as part of the EVAW Coalition’s May 2018 pledge campaign to help you locate your local candidates and find their contact details and set out what you want to say to them.

You can contact candidates on social media, or you may see them at local events, or they may even come knocking on your door – and ask them to take this simple pledge:

“I will take action on sexual harassment in public places. I will ensure there is help for domestic and sexual violence. I will speak out whenever these issues arise.”

Have the EVAW Coalition’s Activist Guide by your door in case candidates come knocking.

If candidates reply to you, do let the EVAW Coalition know if they make significant pledges and they’ll add them to their desognated page, where they will keep track of as many pledges as they can.

Then keep a record of any promise they make: it can be reffered to after the election to hold whoever is elected to account.

Contact the EVAW Coalition if you have any questions about campaigning in these elections.

And you can follow #VotesForWomen to see what’s going on.

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