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Vote YES for Irish abortion rights


#HomeToVote, London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign, Be My Yes, call your Mam, referendum, 25 May 2018Let’s do this for our sisters, daughters, mothers, wives, cousins, aunts, friends…

From the London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign:

It’s hard to believe that long-awaited day – 25 May 2018 – is nearly here.

But as we see pictures of posters and hear from concerned folks back home, we all know this vote is too close for comfort.

In these last few days, the things that will matter most of all are conversations: door-to-door, face-to-face, and heart-to-heart.

As Irish-Abroad, you may not be able to canvass every night until 25 May. But you can FaceTime your mam and have that awkward – but still very important – chat.

Explain to her the facts behind the 12-week limit, and address her concerns around abortion care being available up to 6 months with our factsheet.

It covers everything an undecided voter may be concerned about, and it is backed by medical, fact-checked information from reputable sources.

For the 2015 Marriage Referendum, people all over the world asked friends and family in Ireland to be their ‘Yes’.

We’re asking the people of Ireland to do the same thing again, to be the ‘Yes’ for thousands of Irish abroad who don’t have a say on 25 May.

Ask your mates back home to #BeMyYes and tell them why voting YES is important to you.

Ask them to be Laura’s YES

And find and support your local groups back home, and see if they need help to secure a YES vote on 25 May.

21 people travelled from Leitrim to the Britain to access safe abortion care in 2016. Support Leitrim Together For Yes; 15 people travelled from Monaghan to England and Wales to access safe healthcare in 2016. Please support Monaghan Together for Yes; Cavan had 33 people travel to the UK for abortion care in 2016. Connect with Cavan Pro-Choice to help the campaign; Donegal had 63 women travel in 2016 for safe abortion access. Please get involved with Donegal Together For Yes; in 2016, 38 people travelled from Mayo to the UK for safe abortion access. Please join Together for Yes Mayo;  38 women travelled in 2016 from Westmeath to the UK to get safe abortion care. You can help get a YES vote on 25 May by joining Westmeath Together For Yes; 20 women travelled from Roscommon to the UK for safe abortion care in 2016. Get involved with Roscommon Together for Yes.

And you can join us on 17 May for the Final London Rally for YES. Come along with your charged-up phone as we stand together to spell out a big YES in lights.

This is our final gathering before the big day, a chance to send some support across the sea for that final week of campaigning before polls open, so come along: 17 May at 8:30pm Hermitage Riverside Memorial Garden, 16 Wapping High Street E1W 1NG

And if you have a vote but haven’t made plans, you can book your journey #hometovote.

Our Rail and Sail journey departs Friday 25 May from Euston, is £47 one way, and will be a grand old time. Let us know if you can make it, OK?

The question on the ballot paper is a wordy one – you can read the wording of the present article and the proposed one here – but in its essence, you’re being asked whether you want the Eighth Amendment – which places the life of the mother, equal to that of the foetus – to be removed from the Constitution.

If you vote yes: There will still be abortion laws in Ireland, but they will be decided upon and regulated by the Oireachtas, rather than enshrined in the Constitution.

If you vote no: Nothing will change. Abortion will still be illegal in most cases in Ireland.

More than 170,000 pregnant people have travelled to Britain for abortions since 1983. That’s around 10 a day. A growing number are accessing pills online.

By keeping our abortion laws enshrined in our constitution, we can’t legislate for women in cases of rape, incest or fatal foetal conditions.

A Yes vote will ensure these women receive safe and legal care at home. A No vote means they’ll continue to import pills, or leave Ireland in search of care and compassion on foreign shores.

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