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Disabled groups launch Manifesto and Asks


ROFA, Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance, disabled people's manifesto, asks for first 100 days, Political parties  truly commit to co-producing policies with disabled people and their organisations.

According to Age UK more than 50,000 older disabled people have died waiting – in vain – for care during the 700 days since the government first said it would publish a social care Green Paper.

The number of people receiving publicly funded social care per year has dropped by around 600,000 since 2010.

And many more people were admitted to hospital due to malnutrition in 2017-18 than in 2008-09.

Disabled people have typically lost around £1,200 per year due to welfare reforms compared to non-disabled people who have lost £300 per year on average.

Households with one disabled adult and one disabled child have experienced an average loss of over £4,300 per year.

Disabled peoples’ inclusion must be a right and a reality from the beginning of their lives, not a continuous struggle in the face of daily exclusion, injustice, prejudice and discrimination.

There are 13.8 million disabled people in the UK. Well-resourced and efficient welfare and community infrastructure is both necessary and achievable.

Campaign umbrella group Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance (ROFA) has released its Disabled People’s Manifesto, and demands for the first 100 days of the new government.

The manifesto has been written in consultation with disabled people’s organisations and disabled people across the UK, and is based on the social model of disability and the cultural model of deafness.

What the campaigners are calling for:

Ending austerity, which has disproportionately affected disabled people;

A planned programme of national and local investment to address the impact of austerity and progress the equality and inclusion for disabled people;

Setting up a National Independent Living Service to replace our failing social care system;

Deinstitutionalisation and a radical reform to mental health and mental capacity laws;

Scrapping Universal Credit and designing a new benefits system in co-production with disabled people;

Removing conditionality and sanctions;

A fully inclusive education system; and

Measures to remove the barriers disabled people face in employment, access to justice, housing and participation in all aspects of life.

It is more important than ever that the political parties truly commit to co-producing policies with disabled people and their organisations, and uphold the principle of ‘nothing about us without us’.

To read the full manifesto click here.

Here is what you can do to help:

Share this manifesto with your local MP candidates;

Interview your MP candidates on some or all of the issues discussed in the manifesto;

Hold local hustings;

Run a voter registration drive to make sure as many disabled people local to you have the opportunity to get their voices heard on polling day; and/or

Use the local press and social media to publicise your events and these demands.

For further information and ideas on what Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations (DDPOs) can do on elections and voting, including legal responsibilities under Charity Law and the Lobbying Act, click here for Election Resources and Guides.

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