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Global climate hunger strike started


Extinction Rebellion, hunger strike, three demands, GE19, 12 DecemberExtinction Rebellion UK calls on all political parties to remember their duty of care.

Earlier this week Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists from more than 20 countries – inlcuding Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Democratic Republic of Congo, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United Statesstarted participating in a Global Climate Hunger Strike.

They announced last week they would do so if demands for meetings with their governments on the climate and ecological emergency were not met.

The strike aims to highlight the vulnerability of our food supplies and force governments to enact Extinction Rebellion’s three demands.

Extinction Rebellion UK hunger strikers demand that all UK political parties and Parliamentary Candidates support Extinction Rebellion’s Bill and do all in their power to ensure it becomes law.

The Bill calls for the following:

Tell the truth: Tell the truth by declaring a Climate and Ecological Emergency and do all in their power to communicate the urgency for change, including working with government and other institutions;

Act Now: Promote policies to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025; and

Beyond Party Politics: Help the government create and be led by the decisions of a Citizens’ Assembly on climate and ecological justice.

The UK Hunger Strike will also mark the launch of the ‘Election Rebellion’, which will involve a series of disruptive actions in the run up to the General Election being held on 12 December.

Extinction Rebellion UK hand delivered letters to each political party, requesting a filmed meeting with party leaders to ask for their support for the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill – the ‘Three Demands Bill’.

Responding to this, a spokesperson for the Labour Party told The Independent: “The Labour party has declared a climate and environment emergency and is committed to working on a pathway towards net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

“Our manifesto will set out that path.”

And the Green Party have met XR hunger strikers and agreed to a leaders meeting to discuss the Three Demands Bill.

Election Rebellion will focus on our vulnerability to the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

Along with water shortages, floods, wildfires, threats to security and strain on our emergency services, the climate crisis threatens the planet’s food supply with extreme weather from drought to ever more dangerous and destructive storms. No one is safe from this crisis. It is time to act.

Extinction Rebellion UK has called on all political parties to remember their duty of care for the current and future wellbeing of everyone in the United Kingdom and globally.

The hunger strikers are employing this last resort tactic after more than three decades of petitions, protests and campaigns have failed to secure the urgently needed responses to mitigate ecological and climate breakdown.

The Global Climate Hunger Strike was initiated by Giovanni Tamacas of Extinction Rebellion US.

His mother is from Vietnam and father from El Salvador. Like millions globally, his family are already feeling the devastation of the Emergency.

Tamacas, 20, said: “We are hunger striking because we have no choice.

“We are being taken to our deaths. Greedy governments and corporations have criminally and catastrophically failed to tackle the climate and ecological emergency. Our shortsighted governments are too systemically corrupt to stop mass starvation, societal collapse, and the death of billions of humans.

“We are therefore demanding that governments commission and be led by the decisions of an independent Citizens’ Assembly on climate and ecological justice.”

Hunger strikers range from 83-year-old La Pethick from the UK to 16-year-old Christina Dithmar in Germany.

Christina, Extinction Rebellion Germany, said: “I don’t want to hunger strike. I’m fully aware of all risks this brings with it as well as the fact that I’m actually too young to do a full hunger strike. Yet, I don’t see any other option given where we are headed. I don’t want to lie in my bed crying, feeling helpless, not taken seriously.”

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