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Heather Kennedy

Managing editor/Sub editor/Co-editor

I am Heather Kennedy, Press Officer, community campaigner and writer. I am a regular contributor to feminist online magazine Uplift. My articles examine gender as it’s played out in popular culture and pose questions about the politics of representation. Taking a bold leap into the world of drama, I am in the process of writing a play about the rise of the lap dancing clubs on the British high street.

Much of my time and energy is currently spent trying to save an old Victorian school from demolition and turn it into a community centre. My involvement with the campaign has been a rollercoaster ride and provided me with a crash course in council bureaucracy, local politics and the mechanics of grass roots activism. I also work as Assistant Press Officer in the far more temperate environment of a small road safety charity.

Currently living in Leeds, the Big Plan is to take the daunting move down to London in the coming months. I remain committed to this endeavour despite a barrage of advice from fellow Northerners that I’ll be mugged/murdered/spoken to impolitely by passing commuters.

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