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Wagner sisters bury the hatchet to direct first Wagner concert together


The eyes of the music world are on the great-granddaughters of composer Richard Wagner this weekend, and when the first Wagner concert under their sole direction opens on Sunday. 

Up until recently, viagra sale Katharina Wagner and her half-sister Eva Wagner-Pasquier had been feuding with one another as to who should take over the running of their festival from their father. 

According to the Guardian, see the sisters buried the hatchet in 2008 when they agreed to manage the event together. Their father died last year. 

Wagner watchers are focusing on whether the sisters will seize the chance to modernise the 134-year-old festival and finally turn Germany's most important classical music event into a cultural tour de force of the 21st century or whether they will be held back by the weighty force of Bayreuth traditionalists.

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