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Hillary Clinton has the second most important job in the world, so here’s a story about her hair


Yes, Hillary Clinton may indeed be the US Secretary of State but that hasn’t stopped the Washington Post from writing about 1000 words of utter drivel about the fact that she has grown her hair.

Here’s an excerpt: “For years, Clinton had a softly layered style — one with volume on top that flowed gently inward to the nape of the neck. It was a look she settled on after years of dealing with the public’s obsession with her headbands, her bangs, her bob. She finally found a style that was a keeper, and even loosed her own wry humor over the outsize media interest in a woman’s right to play with her hair. What does it all mean? Nothing. Everything”.

And another: “Clinton’s hair, now creeping toward below-the-shoulders territory, is practically radical for Washington’s seasoned female power elite. Good for her. In our cultural vocabulary, long hair signifies youth, femininity and sex appeal. No wonder it’s far and away the favorite of Hollywood stars. When they promenade down the Emmy red carpet Sunday evening, actresses with short hair will be scarce, about as common as a size 12.By contrast, shorter hair is serious, sophisticated, strong. Cultural pressure to submit to the scissors after a certain age seems rife with an unkind and unspoken subtext that because long locks are a sign of vibrancy and sexiness, it’s a social contradiction to see such styles on women who have wrinkles and crow’s-feet”.

Okay, that’s enough for anyone and remember, I had to read the whole thing just so that you didn’t!

  1. Gee, thanks Washington Post for sustaining my college thesis point from back in ’76. I paralled women with men against their looks and how long they had left in the business. Mind you, that was 34 years ago and times they ain’t a’changin apparently. And I quote “it’s a social contradiction to see such styles on women who have wrinkles and crow’s-feet”. I said the same thing back then. I aced the course as a defender of womens’ rights and here I am still fighting for the same cause. C’mon, you can do better than this. Leave the hairdo to WWD where they know what they’re talking about!

  2. Hillary is very beautiful and the smartest woman in the world!

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