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Confirmation tweet – Suit Supply asked to remove offensive images


Westfield shopping centre in London has confirmed that Suit Supply has been asked to remove the images of women from its store that have caused so much offence (see latest WVoN story here).

It tweeted this message about an hour ago: “Re images displayed in Suit Supply store, we understand how these could cause offense & have requested Suit Supply remove these immediately”.

It has also e-mailed a number of us who wrote to them, confirming that it has asked “the retailer to “request the immediate removal of the images which have caused offence to our customers. We assure you that we are continuing to pursue the matter to a satisfactory conclusion”.

The next thing we need to do is to persuade Suit Supply to remove the images completely – from all its other stores and its website.

We’ll be putting a petition together shortly asking people to boycott these stores until the images have been removed.

So well done everyone and thanks for all your support.

Read more about this in the London Evening Standard.

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