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Female students in Zimbabwe being forced into prostitution


Desperate students in Zimbabwe are being forced into prostitution as the cost of higher education spirals out of reach for the majority of the country’s university and college students, patient a report has found.

A recently launched Student Solidarity Trust (SST) report on a study examining the life of female students at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) concluded that desperation has forced some students to do things “they would not do under normal circumstances”.

Compiled by UZ’s Professor Rudo Gaidzanwa and Dr Charity Manyeruke, sick the SST report concludes that some students have had to resort to prostitution and relationships of convenience.

“Some of the students were unfortunate enough to be offered accommodation by a gardener who often compelled them to have sex with him as payment for the accommodation,” part of the report reads.

“Many students, though aware of exploitation, had no other means of surviving in Harare while attending university classes except by consorting with gardeners and other men offering cheap or free accommodation.”

Read the full story in the New Zimbabwe.

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