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More women over 50 becoming mothers


More than 100 women over the age of 50 in England and Wales  became mothers last year according to the Office of National Statistics.

This represents a 55 percent increase on 2008. 14 of the women were over 55.

Parenting website ParentDish attribute the growing number of 50+ mums in the UK  to the a relaxation of treatment criteria  for older patients by fertility clinics .

Whilst the NHS does not treat women over the age of 39, private fertility centres are free to use their discretion.

The London Women’s Clinic has treated eight women aged between 50 and 54 in the past four years, with five of the patients having babies. All were impregnated with the eggs of younger women.

The Office for National Statistics figures show that 140,000 babies were born to women aged 35 or older in 2009 – one in five of all births in England and Wales.

Latest figures also reveal that dads are more likely to be approaching middle age with two thirds of new fathers being over 30.

  1. Holly Bryson says:


    My name is Holly Bryson, and I am a broadcast journalist student at the University of Leeds. I am currently working towards creating a radio documentary about ‘older mums’, and wondered if there were any women reading this article who have given birth aged 50 or over, and if so, would be willing to speak to me as part of my research?

    Anyone willing or able to help out please get in touch with me via:

    Thank you for you time,

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