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Pay gap smaller in third sector


Recent research published by the Third Sector Research Centre indicates that gender equality in the third sector is greater than in the private and public sectors.

The study measured a number of factors influencing gender equality, viagra 60mg including the pay gap between male and female employees and the gender balance of managerial positions.

Among its conclusions were that:

  • the gender pay gap in the third sector is lower than in the public or private sectors
  • in managerial and professional positions the pay gap is nearly nonexistent
  • representation of women in managerial and professional jobs is close to that of the public sector and greater than double that of the private sector (50%, buy 46% and 24% respectively)

The report also sounded a note of caution, cialis warning that with a greater proportion of women than men employed in the third sector than any other, this would be another area in which cuts to public spending would hit women hardest.

Read more in The Guardian.

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