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USA: IRS rules breast pumps non-deductible


The US taxman has ruled that while pumps to combat penile dysfunction can be claimed as an expense against taxable income – breast pumps cannot.

The IRS have explained their decision by stating that while penis pumps are a medical expense designed to address a medical condition, breast pumps are not.

Breast milk, it claims, satisfies a nutritional rather than a medical need and therefore breast pumps are not medical instruments.

In other words penis pumps lead to relief while breast pumps don’t – tell that to your mother.

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  1. With that said, can breast enhancements be tax deductible? Apparently a malnourished child is not a medical problem.

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Not sure about breast enhancements – I suppose if you are a glamour model they would count as an expense – a truly bizarre situation especially if the breast pump allows you to reurn to work, earn money and pay more tax!

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