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Honeymoon murder suspect caught on CCTV “paying off” her alleged killer


Honeymoon murder suspect Shrien Dewani has apparently been seen on CCTV paying cash to the South African cabbie who claims the millionaire Briton arranged the killing of his bride, The Sun reports.

Footage from a camera at a Cape Town restaurant recorded a private meeting between the care home tycoon and driver Zola Tongo after wife Anni’s death.

The film and examinations of phone call and text records prompted South African authorities to launch moves to extradite Dewani, 30, from the UK.

He appeared in a London court yesterday after presenting himself at a police station on Tuesday night following Tongo’s allegations that he hired hitmen to kill Anni, 28, and arranged a fake carjacking to cover up the crime (see WVoN story).

Tongo claimed Dewani paid him £90 to help him find a killer and stage the carjacking.

A police source in Cape Town, where the honeymooning couple’s taxi was ambushed in a crime-ridden township last month, said: “Tongo’s claim he was given money by Dewani after Anni’s death is backed up in full colour on video.

“CCTV footage shows them meeting in a restaurant area of a hotel and Shrien Dewani hands money to the driver.

“This was days after Anni’s body was found, at a time when Dewani was staying in the Cape Grace Hotel and being comforted by relatives”.

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