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Iranian “stoning” woman, Sakineh, is not free


An Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning has not been freed (see WVoN story), state television has now said, quashing a rumour that brought joy to human rights campaigners around the world, the Daily Mail reports.

Press TV said on its website that ‘contrary to a vast publicity campaign by Western media that confessed murderer Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani has been released’, she was still in custody.

The Iranian English language news channel confirmed that an interview it did with Ashtiani — the apparent source of the rumour — was filmed at her home.

But instead of showing her freedom, the documentary shows Ashtiani at home describing the murder of her husband, a crime for which she could be hanged. The programme will be aired at midnight (2030 GMT) on Friday.

Reuters also has this story.

My God, this is so sick.

  1. The Islamic Regime in Iran is made up of misogynistic males who like the idea that the world is at their mercy. All to do with the desire to subjugate women to their religious ideals.

    After all, a widow having sex outside marriage must be a adulteress deserving of being stoned to death.

    A teenager who kills the rapist attacking her and her niece must be a murderer who deserves to be stoned to death.

    • Yes, I must admit I often wonder how Iran ended up being run by what appears to be a bunch of misogynistic psychopaths. Clearly they hate women but there’s an awful lot of men they don’t seem to like either. In fact, they seem to dislike anyone who disagrees with their extreme interpretation of Islam, as a result of which they throw them in jail and then torture them both psychologically and physically.Not much wonder they hate democracy so much.

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