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For Egypt to be free, Egyptian women must be free


Summary from Fayette Daily News, 24.02.11

American columnist Randy Evans has written an excellent article about the status of women in Egpyt, arguing that as long as women do not have rights, Egypt cannot be a free and democratic country.

Evans says: ‘Egypt is at a critical juncture as it decides its path. There will be one simple and clear indicator of whether Egypt moves toward an Iranian Islamic theocratic regime or enduring freedom for all – women’s rights. These include the rights to vote, hold public office, own property, be educated, and enter into contracts.’

In Saudi Arabia, all women, regardless of age, must have a male guardian. Women are not allowed to  hold public office and not even allowed to drive.

Evans adds: “Some of the restrictions are cruel and unimaginable, but all legal under various versions of Sharia law. For example, in 2007, a Saudi father legally killed his daughter for chatting with a man on Facebook.’

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