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Indian woman raped by fake police


Summary of story from The Times of India, March 25, 2011

A 25-year-old Indian woman was abducted by men in Hyderabad posing as police officers, and raped by one of them after being taken to an isolated place near a railway bridge yesterday.

The incident happened when she was returning home in a truck with her 18-year-old brother. When the truck got to its destination but before she was able to get off, four people claiming to be cops forcibly detained her and her brother.

They asked the woman to come along with them to the `police station.’

“When the driver and her brother tried to intervene, the assailants hit them. They forcibly made the woman and her brother sit in an auto and sped away,” Chaderghat inspector D Anand Kumar said.

The men stopped the truck at Aparna Nagar near Chaderghat railway bridge and forced the boy to get down. They took the woman to an isolated place near the bridge where one of the gang members raped her.

Before others could assault the woman, her brother returned with help and the gang ran off.

The police have so far arrested five men.

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