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UAE schoolgirls harassed on way home


Summary of  story from The National, March 25, 2011

Parents of students at several schools in the Jumeirah region of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been warned about individuals in a car harassing schoolgirls as they walk home.

So far no one has been harmed but the school authorities are taking the situation seriously, sending notices to parents to alert them of the potential danger.

According to the letter, some students, especially the girls, felt very uncomfortable as a result of the harassment.

Bur Dubai police station, responsible for surveillance in the area, said it had opened an investigation.

The principal of the Jumeirah College Fiona Cottam said she did not want to alarm parents but simply wanted to “reinforce advice, like ‘do not talk to strangers’ and ‘be safe while coming to and leaving school.”

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