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Son jailed after admitting torturing his mother


Summary from Manchester Evening News 16.3.11

A “callous and controlling” son has been jailed for torturing his mother.

During one of his attacks, Carl Britner, 32, of Bury, heated a butter knife and burned the flesh on his mother’s arm causing her severe pain.

He would control her by not letting her sleep and would sit at the end of her bed smoking and drinking, and then follow her to work in the morning.

The offences came to light when Britner demanded his mother take him to hospital.

Medics noticed the burn on his mother’s arm and his mother found the courage to make a statement.

Now he has been jailed for three years after pleading guilty to assault and criminal damage.

His mother says she still loves him, but would not forgive him.

The police say  they hope the result of this case will help other victims of domestic abuse to come forward.

“Just as women find it hard to report domestic abuse at the hands of their partners, this is also the case when the offender is a son or daughter,” Det Sgt Carl Richardson said.

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