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Challenge to new law banning Israel’s citizens from boycotting

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Summary of story from MorningStar July 12, 2011

An alliance of Israeli human rights groups has announced that it will ask the country’s Supreme Court to overturn a new law that bans citizens from boycotting Israel’s illegal colonies in the occupied West Bank and east Jerusalem.

Tamara Traubmann, a spokeswoman for the rights’ groups, said they would submit their petition to the high court within the coming week.

The organisations have already written a letter of protest to Israeli authorities emphasising that “irrespective of their own positions regarding the tactic of boycott, outlawing it severely restricts freedom of expression by targeting non-violent public expressions of opposition to Israeli policies.”

Eilat Maoz of the Coalition of Women for Peace added: “Members of the Knesset [Israeli parliament] are responsible for the further isolation of Israel as a country that intentionally violates human rights and civil liberties.”

  1. How can you outlaw a boycott? I’m afraid I haven’t read about this – what form did the boycotts take before they were banned?

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