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Sign petition to prevent rape victims being silenced


Fiona McGrath
WVoN co-editor

After she was gang-raped while working for defence contractor KBR in Iraq, American woman Jamie Leigh Jones tried unsuccessfully to bring a claim against a number of her co-workers (see WVoN story).

She then – again unsuccessfully – tried to sue the company for negligence and creating a hostile work environment. KBR is now trying to sue her for $2 million in legal fees on the grounds that her claims were “fabricated and frivolous” (see WVoN story).

This woman needs our help. That’s why we want you to sign this online petition set up by asking the company to reconsider.

The details are gruesome.

While working for KBR  in Iraq in 2005 she was raped so violently that her breast implants ruptured, her pectoral muscles tore and she suffered severe bruising.

After reporting the rape to KBR officials she was held in a shipping container for several hours unable to make a phone call.

She has since undergone surgery to reconstruct her chest and now suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Allegedly Jones is not the only woman to have reported sexual abuse while working for KBR.

If KBR win, then victims of future abuse will be afraid to speak out.

Sign the petition today to stop women being silenced.

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