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Afghan girls still facing barriers to education


Sara Rydland Naerum
WVoN co-editor

International aid organisation Oxfam is calling for the Afghan government and international donors to keep Afghan girls in school and to improve the quality of their education.

The number of Afghan girls enrolled in school has increased dramatically from just 5,000 in 2001 to 2.7 million in September 2011.

Despite this positive turn, girls still face many barriers to receiving an education.

Some of the most common barriers are, according to Oxfam, the highly variable quality of education provision and poor school conditions.

Nafeesa Ghyasi, 56, is the principal of a High School for Girls in northern Afghanistan.

There are two main challenges, she says. One is the lack of security, as there are not many places which are peaceful where girls can go to school easily.

The other is that they do not have enough schools, books, chairs, tables or professional teachers.

“For instance, in my school there are 16 classes that do not have classrooms. We don’t have specific departments for different subjects.

“We don’t have a conference room, laboratories, libraries, no kindergarten, nowhere for the girls to make some food. The classrooms that we do have are very crowded.”

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