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Cheating men more likely to suffer penile fractures


Summary of story from CBS News, October 4, 2011

A new study suggests that men who have extramarital affairs may be at increased risk of penile fracture.

Published in the US Journal of Sexual Medicine this month, the study reviewed the cases of 16 men with penile injurites so severe they required surgery.

After taking a closer look at the interviews, the researchers discovered that half these injuries occurred during extramarital affairs.

It is thought they were more likely to have resulted from the man’s rushed and rougher sexual experience in the unconventional locations where the affairs took place, rather than anything else.

Only three of the injuries occurred in the bedroom, the rest were in rendezvous spots which included cars, elevators, offices, or public restrooms.

The author of the study, Dr Andrew Kramer, a urologist at the University of Maryland Medical Center, said: “I’ve written quite a few papers in my life but none have gotten as much interest from a lay audience as this one”.

Dr Kramer cautioned that monogamy does not render penises fracture-proof.

  1. The result is void since the sample size is too small to be statistically significant, bad reporting.

    • How is it more possible when half of them were having affairs – presumably the other half weren’t? I’m not good at maths but that doesn’t suggest ‘more’ to me.

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