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Hillary Clinton questions treatment of women in Israel


Summary of story from BBCNews, December 4, 2011

Comments made by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarding the state of democracy in Israel, in particular the unequal treatment of women, have met with a mixed response from state leaders.

Clinton said that in some parts of Jerusalem the attempt to segregate men and women – including separate seating on buses (see WVoN coverage) – was reminiscent of the segregation of black and white people in 1950s America.

She also expressed concerns about reports of proposed legislation that would limit the amount of funding received by non-governmental organisations.

She was speaking in a closed session of the Saban Forum in Washington, USA, recently, attended by US and Israeli leaders.

Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni supported Clinton’s comments, saying people both inside and outside the country were ‘worried about processes Israel is undergoing.’

Finance minister Yuval Steinitz and environmental protection minister Gilad Erdan both disagreed, saying Clinton had ‘exaggerated’ and should stick to commenting on her own country.

But Erdan admitted he shared Clinton’s concern about women’s rights.

  1. Edwin Vogt says:

    Israel is capable of handling its own social concerns. If everybody would mind their own business, there would be less friction. If there are cases of known discrminatory practices, the people of Israel have the proper channels to address it. Leave Israel alone.It has its own problems to care for.

  2. I praise Hilary Clinton for her efforts.

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