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Students ask bar to remove vile wallpaper


wass, warwick university, antisexist, petitionPetition launched after a Leamington bar is ‘redecorated’ with offensive sexist imagery.

Part of a recent redecoration of the Moo bar in Russell Street, Leamington Spa includes wallpaper in one area depicting degrading images of women and fake adverts for prostitution.

The wallpaper images depict school girls, slavery and violence – using text such as “Busty Indian schoolgirl”, and “Black runaway slave girl aged 18 yrs Seeks plantation master”.

Warwick Anti-Sexism Society (WASS), a student group at Warwick University which campaigns on sexism and gender-based issues, has written a letter of complaint to the management.

WASS believes images depicting violence against women, including sexual violence, is not something which should be featured on the walls of an establishment such as Moo.

The bar is often frequented by students, the group is concerned about the effects of such imagery on the atmosphere and experience of visitors.

There are also concerns about the effects of the sexist and racist images on those who have left the bar.

Exposure to objectifying images such as those on the walls of Moo may increase anxiety and fear of sexual assault amongst women.

And imagery which portrays women’s bodies and sexualities as available to be bought perpetuates sexist ideas and behaviours.

Statistics show that 1 in 7 students experience sexual assault while at university.

Not something that anyone would really want to encourage, surely.

WASS has also spoken to a number of Leamington residents and local charities and feels that this is an issue for the wider community, not only students.

At the time of writing there has been no response to WASS’s letter of complaint, and a request for a comment from Women’s Views on News  has been met with silence.

A petition has been set up asking for this wallpaper to be removed: please sign it.

You could also call the District Council’s licensing officers on 01926 412496; or email them at

To contact Warwick Anti-Sexism Society click here. You can also find them on Facebook.

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