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Volunteer media watch co-editor wanted


Barbie-dolls-wearing-outf-008We are looking for a co-editor to lead on our new media watch section on the website.

This new section will act as a watchdog on media representation of women in the UK.

It will feature photos and videos with short comments, and will be visual and interactive, grabbing people’s attention when they haven’t got time to read a full article.

Populated on an ad-hoc basis, it will highlight ‘the best’ and ‘the worst’ of media representations of women as a regular weekly feature on the WVoN site.

We are looking for a co-editor to gather and write content for ‘Media Spotlight’.

This opportunity would be ideal for a media junky who frequently finds themselves outraged by the treatment of women in the media.


Source good and bad examples of media representation of women from TV, film, digital media, music, adverts, newspapers, magazines, etc and write accompanying comments.

Upload video, pictures and content onto the site.

Write and respond to reader comments.

Help select the best and worst for the weekly feature and write copy for this feature.

Work with other writers to arrange interviews, attend screenings and events and produce longer feature articles where necessary.

Skills and experience required:

Ability to write well researched, incisive, witty media comment.

IT and digital communication skills including using content management and social media software.

Knowledge of using video, scanning and photo software.

Excellent knowledge of relevant media platforms to source good and bad representations of women.

Excellent desk top research skills.

As this position will require you to work from home, you’ll need internet access.

Time commitment:

We ask that the Co-Editor has seven hours a week to dedicate to ‘Media Spotlight’.

This can be flexible but they will need to be available to publish the weekly feature of the best and worst from the section.

Other members of WVoN will also work on the media watch section.


If you’d like to apply for this position, please email Heather Kennedy:

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