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Protest Tampon Tax grant


protest, misuse of Tampon Tax, #wetrustwomen, letter to MinisterMake sure the money goes charities that work to improve the lives of vulnerable women and girls.

Just after MPs voted for progressive change to our abortion law, the government has handed quarter of a million pounds to an organisation lobbying to erode our reproductive rights.

This weekend, it emerged that the government has granted £250,000 raised through the so-called Tampon Tax – the VAT levied on sanitary products – to the anti-abortion organisation ‘Life’.

This was one of the largest grants awarded under the scheme.

‘Life’ is an organisation which campaigns to remove NHS-funding for abortion care, has called for mandatory psychiatric evaluations for women requesting a termination, and has described abortion in cases of rape as “the death penalty”.

And, according to the Guardian, ‘Life’ has a turnover of £3.6million a year.

The Tampon Tax fund was supposedly ring-fenced by the government for charities that work to improve the lives of vulnerable women and girls.

With so many women’s organisations struggling to provide their services in the current climate, it is unacceptable that this organisation should be the beneficiary of such a significant sum.

If you are as outraged as we are, please take just one minute and join the call for an urgent government review of this grant.

We Trust Women – the campaign to decriminalise abortion throughout the UK – has set up a way for you to protest this: you can email the Minister responsible for the tampon tax by clicking here. It will take just one minute.

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