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Russian women refuse to send sons to army until death explained


Summary of story from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, October 4, 2011

Mothers from a village in central Russia are refusing to allow their sons to be conscripted to the Russian army until a full investigation into the death of a local conscript has been carried out.

Ruslan Aidarkhanov was found dead on September 3 in his military unit in Sverdlovsk Oblast.

The army claim that he committed suicide by hanging himself, but injuries found on his body and face and burns on his hands have convinced his family that he was murdered.

A delegation was due to visit his home village of Arslan, in Chelyabinsk Oblast, on October 3 with all the documents pertaining to his death, but they did not turn up and cite a delay in the conclusion of the investigation as the reason why.

Until his death is fully investigated and all involved are brought to justice, the mothers of eight young men in Arslan are refusing to allow their sons to be drafted into the Russian military.

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